Designed and created by a golfer for golfers

for you and your golf society

A very warm welcome to eGolfShare

A very warm welcome to – built for you and your golf society.

If you are a golfer this web site is designed for you. Golf is a great sport. It provides us with a very enjoyable but, sometimes, a severe challenge in trying to master it.

We play golf in spectacular and beautiful surroundings that support many species of wildlife fauna and flora. We play on golf-links by the sea-shore, on flat parkland courses, on undulating heathland courses and on hilly mountainous courses.

We are in constant contact with nature; listening to birds; listening to the gentle sound of the sea breaking on the shore; feeling the sun beating down; and sometimes the wind and rain.

All the time trying to tame a little white ball!

“To get an elementary grasp of the game of golf, you must learn, by endless practice, a continuous and subtle series of highly unnatural movements, involving about sixty-four muscles, that result in a seemingly ‘natural’ swing, taking all of two seconds to begin and end.” 

Alistair Cooke

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My Purpose

We can play by ourselves or with a group of friends. The golf handicap system allows both men and ladies of all abilities to play together.

We form golf societies; go on golfing holidays; go on golf away-days; and play inter-club golf challenge matches. In doing so we naturally build social golf networks

My purpose is to create a web site that will make it easier for you to share all your experiences of this wonderful sport, wherever in the world you play.

A panoramic view over the ancient town of St Andrews from the Castle Links

Planned site features

There are many exciting features and developments planned for the site: –

Golf Knowledge

Useful and stimulating Information on:-

  • Golf – the game
  • The history of golf
  • How golf is structured , organised and run
  • The many different types of golf competitions

Your Golf Society or Group

If you are a member of a golfing group, such as golf societies, a golf league or maybe just a few friends who play together, will provide you with the ability to easily create and edit your own society web pages, so that you can publish your:-

  • Fixtures
  • Results
  • Membership lists
  • Handicaps
  • Photographs


A typical golf society eagerly awaiting the day’s golf

For You as an Individual Golfer

  • Calculate and maintain a record of your handicap
  • Record and analyse your playing record and performance

A Social Golf Network

Communicate with other golfers anywhere in the world in order to: –

  • Contact old friends
  • Arrange games in your local area
  • Build your golf network
  • Form a golfing group or golf society
  • Contribute to a forum on golf topics and issue

For Golf Club and Golf Society Captains

Share information with other Golf Club and Golf Society Captains about: –

Golf Related Links

Links to other useful golf related web resources

In other words a compendium of all things related to golf – a golf network all in one place


Yor Golf Jokes

Your Golf Graces

Your Feedback

Or just say Hello

Contact Me
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Designed and created by a golfer for golfers

Who am I?

A golfer

I am Paul Yates and I have been playing golf for over forty years. I was elected the Captain of The York Golf Club, Yorkshire, England, in 2013 where I have been a member since 1979. I am also a member of Whitby Golf Club on the Yorkshire coast where I joined in 1976.

An administrator

I am a member of the Executive Committee of the York Union of Golf Clubs, which represents 13 golf clubs within the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs, and am also a member of the Executive Committee of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs, which represents over 190 clubs within Yorkshire.

A keen golf society member

I am also Honorary Secretary of the YUGC County Members Association.

I have been a member of several golf societies, acting at various times as Secretary, Competitions Secretary and Captain.

I have played over 200 different golf courses around the world.

During and prior to my Captain’s year I found it frustratingly difficult to easily find ideas for speeches, jokes and dinner graces.

For the societies that I belong to I have found it equally difficult to find facilities for building society web pages that are easy to access and that don’t ask you register your name and email address before you can even see what you get.

To change things for the better

I am therefore attempting to change things for the better. So, now that I am retired, and have more time on my hands, I am building by combining the experience that I have gained in my professional career with my golf administration knowledge.

My objective is to put together all of the useful golf related ideas that I have found difficult to find for myself on the internet. Hopefully this will make it easier for you.

You can find out more about me on the About Me page.

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In summary, here is what we will achieve:-

  • Share our golfing knowledge
  • Make it affordable for your golfing group, golf society or golf league to build and publish its own web pages
  • Provide facilities for you to maintain your handicaps, even if you are not a member of an official golf club
  • Make it easy for you to communicate with other golfers all around the world
  • But most of all make it very easy and inexpensive to do all of this
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You can contribute

In the meantime I am offering you the opportunity to contribute and influence the website.

I would be very pleased to hear from you so let me know what features you would like to see included on the web site. For you, your golf society, golf league, or anything at all to do with golf.

Please send me your ideas and suggestion by visiting the Contact Me page.