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  • To tell me what you think;
  • To suggest information or topics that you think I should consider including on the site;
  • To contribute jokes, anecdotes or graces that I can include on the site;
  • Just to say hello;
  • Or maybe to say thanks if I have helped you in any way

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Please Note

Please note that you need to provide your email address so that I can reply to you.

I promise to keep it safe and to use it for no other purpose than to contact you back.

The reason that I don’t publish  email addresses (yours or mine) on the site is to avoid both of us receiving spam.

There are some nasty electronic robots roaming around the internet called “Spambots”. These are software robots that visit websites and collect all of the email addresses they can find, and which are then used to generate Spam emails.

Therefore by not publishing any email addresses on my site, they cant find them.

I am sure you will agree it is best to avoid them.

Just fill in the form. I will then receive this by automated email and will reply to you as soon as I can.

The little sum is called a “captcha”. this is another device, which just ensures that only humans, like you and me, can respond to the contact form.

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