Editorial Policy

The editorial policy at eGolfShare.com

This sets out the eGolfShare.com editorial policy.

The intention of the editorial polocy is to ensure that no content should offend and viewer.

Golf Themed Jokes: content policy

Some of these golf jokes on this site are suitable for mixed company and some, a little raunchier, are more suitable for gatherings of men, but feel to pick and choose. 

It is the reader’s choice to browse the jokes contained on this website. eGolfShare does not accept any responsibility for any offence that readers may feel.

As this website is available to all ages and groups, expletives that may offend some people are shown as asterisks.

The eGolfShare policy is that any jokes contained on this site must not offend any race, religion or nation. Therefore any jokes submitted will be reviewed before publication.

eGolfShare does not claim authorship of any jokes on this site. Many of the jokes are unattributed, and appear many times on the internet. There is no attempt to infringe anyone’s copyright, or work. If anyone finds anything here that is your work and you would like credit or would like it removed, please contact eGolfShare by the feedback form and it will be taken care of as quickly as possible.

The intention of eGolfShare is simply to provide a catalogue of the really good jokes in order to save golf club Captains from duplicating hours of research. 

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