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Why eGolfShare?

Why eGolfShare? Why would anyone want to put all of this effort into building another golf website? What are my reasons, objectives and credentials?

The main reason is that over the past year or so I have had quite a few negative experiences in searching the net to find information and features about golf that I was looking for.

So the answer was – do it yourself!

Hopefully, all this will be explained below.

Firstly, I am a golfer

My name is Paul Yates and I have been playing golf for over forty years.

I am a Yorkshireman, originating from Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire, England, and now living in a rural location near York in North Yorkshire.

I have been married for over forty years to my wife Ann and have a son, a daughter and three grandchildren.

Paul Yates, Captain of York Golf Club 2013

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A Golf Club Captain

I was elected as the Captain of The York Golf Club in 2013, where I have been a member since 1979, and I am also a member of Whitby Golf Club, on the Yorkshire coast, which I joined in 1976.

Prior to becoming Captain, I was Chairman of Matches and Competitions Committee, Chairman of Golf Committee and led a Course Development Project, which is still ongoing.

Despite reaching the maturity of 65 years of age during 2013, I still think of myself as young, despite the aches and pains, and keep myself pretty busy. I was a single figure handicapper for many years, now creeping up to a handicap of 13, but always optimistic of getting back down again.

A Golf Union Administrator

I am on the Executive Committee of the York Union of Golf Clubs, which represents thirteen golf clubs in the York area. I have been heavily involved in upgrading the Union’s website.

I am also on the Executive Committee of The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs which represents around 190 clubs within Yorkshire, and have just taken over as Hon Sec of the Yorkshire County Members Association. This involves me in running nine events each year all round the County and keeping members up to date with fixtures and results via the Union’s website. Up to 200 County Members participate at each event.

Please feel free to look at the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs, County Members Association.

A Golf Nut?

I have been a member of several golf societies, acting at various times as Secretary, Competitions Secretary and Captain.

I have played over 200 different golf courses around the world. So you have probably guessed that I am pretty much into golf. Some might say a golf nut, and I would find it difficult to counter that argument.

I enjoy playing the game, enjoy the camaraderie and enjoy meeting as many other golfers as I can.

I enjoy the fresh air, the scenery, the greenery and the challenge.

If you enjoy golf then we have a lot in common.

Secondly, I am an experienced IT Professional

I have worked in the IT industry for over forty years and my professional qualifications include being a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and a Chartered Information Technology Practitioner (CITP).

I initially worked in software development and subsequently in customer management, service management, project management and business transformation.

This should stand me in good stead in my website endeavours.

Thirdly, I am retired

Now that I am retired, and have more time on my hands, I am building eGolfShare.com by combining the IT experience that I have gained in my professional career with my golf knowledge.

In building my website, I am attempting to put together all of the useful golf related ideas that I have found frustratingly difficult to find for myself on the internet.

For example, there is very little information on the website to help golf club Captains, or for golf societies to publish their own information, or for individual golfers to interact with other golfers and to share information.

I intend to resolve this through eGolfShare.

Making it easier for you

Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find the information that I had difficulty finding.

However, when I stated above that I have more time on my hands, I used the term loosely, because during my Captain’s year I played golf around 180 times and had to manage all of the Captains duties that you will find explained on the pages of this website.

I played in over 35 inter-club matches and had to give around 40 after dinner speeches. So you can guess where much of the material has come from about Captain’s speeches, jokes and dinner graces.

I had to spend hours on the internet or reading books to find material for my speeches.

Hopefully I can save you the same effort.

But with slight delays!

I started the construction of eGolfShare part way through my Captain’s year, and because of the other demands on my time, progress has been slow.

I was hoping be able to accelerate progress when my Captain’s year was over during 2014, when I thought I would then have more time available to spend on the website.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a serious cancerous tumour in May 2014. The consequence of this was that I lost eighteen months of progress, while being treated and recovering my strength.

Towards the end of 2015, I felt strong enough to re-concentrate my efforts, so you should see significant progress from this point onwards.


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Where did the idea for eGolfShare come from?

Where did the idea of eGolfShare come from?

Believe it or not, the germ of the idea came walking along Mablethorpe beach, with my son James, his family and my wife in December 2012.

He was then Head of Maths at a Grammar School in Lincolnshire and was explaining that he had created over 400 YouTube maths revision videos for school children.

He had created these primarily for his own students to revise from before their exams, but they were by then each getting many thousands of hits, and as each video is prefaced by a Google Ad, he was earning several thousand pound a year from Google, and that this was a beneficial side-effect rather than a planned objective.

For the uninitiated, Google Ads are those adverts that appear on YouTube and on web sites. Every time someone clicks on a Google Ad, the website owner received a few pence (or cents), and clearly many thousands of clicks add up to a substantial amount of money.

You can see his catalogue of Maths revision videos here James Yates on Youtube

Mablethorpe beach!

But back to Mablethorpe beach!

My son James suggested to me that now I had some spare time that I should think of something that I was knowledgeable about and developed a website using that knowledge.

So I pondered for a month or so, and then pondered some more, and the idea that he had sown kept meandering into my head.

Eventually, over a period of several weeks I did some light research on the web into tools and skills required to build a website and eGolfShare started to evolve in my head.

Whilst I had the IT skills I had never built a website before and I wondered what special new skills I would need to learn.

Or would I?

Whilst researching the net, I came across  a company called SBI, quite by chance.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my life

What skills would I need?

What SBI showed me was that I would not need to learn any special skills.

In fact my IT skills were largely unrequired. They provide tools that make it very easy to create web content for eGolfShare without needing to understand html or any of the other technical things that are associated with web sites.

Furthermore they explain to you how people can find your site using search engines such as Google and Bing.

They provide you with easy to use tools so that you can find out what keywords people are searching for on the web, how many existing sites there are to satisfy that demand and how to build your content so that the search engines can find you.

So, for my site, I researched what golf information people were searching for, and how I could tailor my content to gain the most traffic to my site.


Within three or four months I had several thousand visitors to eGolfShare, with many more thousands of page views, and having found my site, my visitors were staying on the site for an average of six or seven minutes.

This was a great relief. It meant that what I was publishing was useful and interesting; and that the SBI method was working.

In fact, now at the start of 2016, I have had over 62,000 visitors to my site, over 280,000 page views, and around a thousand people have downloaded the graces and jokes that are available from my site.

Onwards and upwards!

This has provided me with the confidence and incentive to keep moving forward.

I have moved away from SBI now, as whilst it’s functionality is good for beginners, it has too many limitations, that will not allow me to move forward with my ambitions for the site,

I have therefore now migrated to the WordPress platfrom, which powers over 25% of the world’s web sites.

If you have any questions about all of this then please contact me, and I will try my best to answer you.

Where do I go from here?

With the developments that I have planned for eGolfShare I expect to have several thousand visitors per day within when completed.

This should earn me an income to supplement my pension.

And, I will still have lots of time to play golf, fish from my boat, travel the world and enjoy all of the normal family activities that a grandfather should do.

You only have one life

Make the most of it.

Thanks for visiting

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Paul Yates "Driving in" on the first tee at York Golf Club at the start of his Captain's Year

Keep on playing!

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