The Captain’s Welcome Speech

The Captain’s welcome speech

The Captain’s welcome speech is a key element when your club is hosting an event that involves players from other clubs.

Such events might be one of the following types of event: –

  • National championship
  • County Championship
  • Inter-county match
  • District union championship
  • Golf Alliance event
  • Golf Club Open

My club, The York Golf Club, has hosted all of these types of events recently. These have included: –

  • The English Women’s Golf Association Seniors Open Championship
  • A County match between Yorkshire and Northumberland
  • Several Yorkshire Seniors Championships
  • York Union of Golf Clubs championship events (around three per year)
  • East Riding and District Alliance events
  • The York Rose Bowl, an annual scratch championship forming part of the Yorkshire Order of Merit
  • York Golf Club managed opens events

It is one of your duties as Captain to make a Captain’s welcome speech at these events on behalf of the club.

This speech should be short, simple and concise, as there is also usually a President of the relevant organising body who also gives a speech and you should not steal his or her thunder.

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The Address

It is important that your address includes all of the dignitaries present, so you should make a point of ascertaining who is present in advance of your Captain’s welcome speech.

The championship or event organiser should be able to provide you with this information.

So, depending on the event, the address might open something like this:- 

“Mr President of Northumberland, Mr President of Yorkshire, Vice Presidents, past Presidents, Mr Captain, competitors”.

If there is more than one President present then it is polite to refer to the visiting President first.

If there are more than one Captain present then make sure that you refer to each of them in turn, or if you are unsure just how many are present then play safe and just refer to them as Captains


You might then just say a few words about how your club enjoys welcoming these championship events to be played at your club.

It is always a special occasion for York Golf Club to host County championships such as this, and you are very welcome to make use of our course and facilities”

Course and clubhouse

Then just a few words about the course and the club facilities.

We hope that you have enjoyed playing the course today and that it has been presented in good condition.

We also hope that you have been refreshed and fed adequately by our bar staff and caterers

If there are issues that have impacted on the course not being in the best condition, such as heavy rain, drought or disease, then mention them.

Thanks to the helpers and volunteers

Make a point of thanking the volunteers and helpers who have contributed to the event, such starters, marshals, registration, and results compilation.

Also thank those from the organising body who have helped the event administration.

I would like to thank all those volunteers who have helped the event to run successfully, this includes the starters, marshals and registration helpers. Without  your help we could not have managed this event so successfully today

Thanks also to xyz of the County Union who has worked tirelessly to organise the event and to liaise with York Golf Club in making sure everything has run smoothly


And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

Keep your Captain’s welcome speech short and snappy.

You can embellish elements slightly – but don’t go overboard.

You then finish by handing back to the organiser or President.

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