The Golf Club Captain’s duties


What, exactly, are the duties of a Golf Club Captain?

The golf club Captain’s duties are myriad, with lots of activities, tasks and items that you, as a golf club Captain, need to be aware of and plan for in your Captain’s year.

Your golf club will be very different to my club, York Golf club, but this list will give you an idea of the kind of duties and activates you might be expected to be involved in. 

These golf club Captain’s duties are exceedingly enjoyable if you plan properly, but could be very stressful if you do not.

Matches and events

For matches and events, as the golf club Captain, you will need to manage the following:- 

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Member contact details

You will need a full list of member contact details from your club manager or secretary, so that you can contact them when arranging matches.

Menu & price agreement

You will need to agree match day meal prices with your caterers

Club match and event diary

You will need a full list of matches and events that are planned for your Captains year, whether home or away and how many players for each match.

Your secretary or golf club manager should be able to provide this for you.

External event diary

You will need a full list of other events that you are required to be present at such as county or national championships.

Some of these will be at your club but others will require travel to other venues.

Captains away day

If you have a Captain’s outing and most clubs do, you will need to arrange the venue and agree with the host club on numbers.

My club arranges Captains exchange days, whereby you agree with another club that their members can come to your club for free and your member can go to their club for free, usually between 30 and 50 members will take part in these. You then only pay for the coach, food and prizes.

Clearly you need to arrange this many months in advance.

Some other clubs have Captains tours where they go for two or more days, but not on an exchange basis.

I arranged my Captain’s Exchange Day over twelve months in advance

Captain’s photographs

Most golf clubs have photographs of their Captains on display.

The current years Men’s and Ladies Captains take prominence and then there is usually a gallery of Past Captains.

If your club displays Captain’s photographs you will need to arrange for your photograph to be taken. Most clubs have the current and past Captains photos on display. The club usually has an arrangement with a local photographer.

The photograph session needs to be arranged many months in advance of taking office.

Financial considerations

As the golf club Captain, your Captains’ year can invoke considerable expense. The Captain’s duties at some clubs it is very high expense and at others more reasonable.

At my club some of the things that the Captain is responsible for the following: –

  • The Captains Day prize
  • Drinks at the Captains Day reception
  • Stocking the half-way house with food and drinks for Captains Day
  • Provision of wine for the Captains table at home matches
  • Provision of port at certain matches
  • Paying for the Professional’s meal at matches
  • Provision of prizes for the Captain’s drive-in
  • Provision of prizes for the Captain’s junior day
  • Drinks for the visiting Captains and playing partners

In recognition of the costincurred in fulfilling the Captain’s duties, most clubs offer their Captains a subscription holiday, either during their Captains year or afterwards, but it does not usually cover the full cost outlay.

Most Captain’s accept that they are taking on the golf club Captain’s role and duties for the honour that it brings.


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My Captain’s year at York Golf Club

Here is a list of some of the activities that I was involved with in fulfilling my Captain’s duties.

To illustrate the complexities of the types of activities you need to manage and to be aware of as the golf club Captain, here is a list of some of activities that I was involved in my Captain’s year at York Golf Club.

  • Hosting my Captains Day and presenting prizes
  • Acting as host at social events within the club
  • Meeting and chatting to as many club members as possible throughout the year
  • Arranging, captaining and speaking at 19 inter-club matches
  • Captaining and speaking at 8 mixed inter-club matches
  • Captaining and speaking at a number of club internal matches such as England v Scotland
  • Captaining and speaking at some of the inter-club Seniors matches
  • Attending and greeting at the new members evening
  • Arranging and hosting the Captains away Day for club members.
  • Attending and presenting prizes at the club’s hosted open days
  • Attending and presenting prizes at the club’s invitation days
  • Attending and speaking at the inter-county championship event staged at York Golf Club
  • Attending the county girls championship hosted by York Golf Club
  • Attending and presenting prizes at the club’s scratch open, The York Rose Bowl
  • Attending the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs Dinner
  • Attending the York Union of Golf Clubs dinner
  • Attending the York Union of Golf Clubs Presidents Day
  • Arranging and speaking at my Captains black tie dinner
  • Representing my club at the various Captains’ Societies around the county
  • Attending at speaking at the East Riding of Yorkshire Alliance events staged at York Golf Club
  • Attending and speaking at York Union events staged at York Golf Club
  • Hosting open meetings of members within the club, on various topics
  • Attending monthly committee meetings and sub-committee meetings



It is only when you write it down what that it hits you what being the golf club Captain’s duties involve.

You are having so much fun doing it that don’t notice how much is involved when you are in the midst of it.

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