Making a Captain’s speech and need some golf jokes?

Golf Jokes and anecdotes

Golf jokes, anecdotes and stories are key components when the Captain of a golf club or golf society makes a post-match Captain’s speech.

Some Captain’s shy away from telling Jokes because they feel that they are not very good at telling them.

Cant remember them?

Reasons given for this are that they can’t remember them, and so have trouble telling them, or they can’t find enough material. As a result they omit jokes from their Captain’s speech.

Here’s some help!

I have therefore tried to help overcome these problems for you by placing a large number of golf jokes on this web site, which you are free to look at any time you wish and use them as many times as you need to. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find sufficient material for your speeches. 

In my Captain’s year I had around forty dinner speeches to make, nearly all of which required a joke as part of the speech.

In order to find sufficient quantity of jokes, I bought several joke books, some containing over 1,000 jokes, and researched golf jokes on the internet. This consumed many hours of my time in finding suitable jokes that I could use.

A great, ready-made, selection of jokes

I finished up with a great selection of golf jokes that could be tailored to any audience or situation

The jokes that I have put on this site have all been used, and all very well received. Several Captains and Vice-Captains have subsequently asked for copies of the jokes.

There are some very funny golf jokes, some clean golf jokes for mixed company, and some adult golf jokes; and they all are very humorous.

Dont waste your time searching – use these!

So, if you don’t want to spend many hours of research, please feel confident that these will go down well with your audiences. 

You can also find additional help for constructing Captain’s speeches on this web site. 

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Some of these golf jokes are suitable for mixed company and some, a little cruder, are more suitable for gatherings of men, but feel to pick and choose. 

It is the reader’s choice to browse the jokes contained on this website. eGolfShare does not accept any responsibility for any offence that readers may feel.

As this website is available to all ages and groups, expletives that may offend some people are shown as asterisks.

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The intention of eGolfShare is simply to provide a catalogue of the really good jokes in order to save golf club Captains from duplicating hours of research. 

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