Do you need a golf themed grace for your golf dinner?

Do you need to say grace before your golf dinners?

Many old established and traditional golf clubs maintain the tradition of saying a golf themed grace before dinners.

It is fairly normal practice for the Captain to select someone to say grace. At my club it is usually the Vice-Captain’s duty throughout his Vice-Captain’s year, but if he is not available then someone else will be invited to do the job. 

If you are asked to say grace and you don’t know a golf themes grace then don’t worry. You can find some excellent graces on this web site.

Different forms and traditions

In different parts of the world a golf grace may also be called a golf dinner blessing, a before dinner prayer or even a golf tournament prayer.

Some people feel uncomfortable saying religious graces so I have incuded a selection of secular graces which are received equally well by the dinner company.

At clubs where grace is still the tradition, it is common practice for all to stand at the dinner table before sitting. Once grace has been said then everyone may sit. 

Many golf clubs will have entirely different traditions. Many will not say grace at all. If so this is not a problem. Just ignore this section. But if your club does maintain this tradition then I hope you find this useful.

Some of the golf themed graces on eGolfShare were been given to me by friends for my Vice-Captain’s year, many have been sent into me via this web site, and some are ones that I have composed myself, but all have been used at golf dinners.

Please feel free to contribute your own golf themed graces to eGolfShare so that they can then be shared and used by other golfers. You will find easy-to-use “Contact Me” links for the submission of your graces on these pages

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You can find a library of golf themed graces here. 

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I would be really nice if you would be willing to share your golf themed grace, or other appropriate graces, with your fellow golfers, golf club Captains and golf society Captains.

You can do that by sending your grace to me.

All suitable graces that are sent in will be published on eGolfShare.

Just click on Contact Me.

Enter your grace in the form provided and then click submit. It is as easy as that.

You can either paste the grace text in from your computer files or type it straight into the form.

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