The Golf Society Captain’s speech at a Society golf day

Have you taken on the role of Captain of your Golf Society?

Are you are filled with fear at the thought of standing up and making a Golf Society Captain’s speech at your golf society outing?

Are you frightened that you might forget your words and dry up. Are you are scared stupid that you might make a fool of yourself?.

Do you sometimes wish that you had never accepted the role of Captain?. 

Well dont worry, it need not be as difficult as it might first seem. Here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you work through the process. This will make your Golf Society Captain’s speech a lot easier, and a lot more enjoyable for your audience.

What is a Society golf day?

There are thousands of golf societies all over the world and the format of their golf days varies enormously, but the common themes are: –

  • 9 holes in the morning
  • Light snack at lunchtime
  • 18 holes in the afternoon
  • Dinner in evening
  • Followed by a prize giving

Some societies only play 18 holes rather than 27 holes, but the basic format for the day is similar.

Societies normally play many different courses, booking each venue well in advance.

It is common practice for the Captain to make Golf Society Captain’s Speech at the prize giving which follows the golf.

The prize giving is normally undertaken by the elected competitions secretary. This is preceded by a short speech by the elected Golf Society Captain. In some societies these two roles may even be the same person.

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The Golf Society Captain’s Speech – the various elements:

Type of Society

The structure and content of the Golf Society Captain’s speech will vary depending on a number of factors, such as: –

  • The size of the society
  • The number of golf events per year
  • The society traditions and history


A loosely formed society with only a few members may have a very informal prize giving, and may not even have a Golf Society Captain. If this is the case it might simply be that the organiser stands up and simply announces the results and expresses his or hers wish that everyone has enjoyed the day.

Or Formal?

On the other hand, a longer established society might have engrained traditions, whereby everyone showers and changes before a formal dinner. With also a properly elected Golf Society Captain who makes a Golf Society Captain’s Speech.

I have been a member of both types of society. Neither is right or wrong. They are just different, and both are very enjoyable forms of golf societies, with good fun, good golf and good camaraderie.

There is no need here to offer help for the Captain’s speech at the more informal golf society outing, as these events and speeches are, more or less, “off the cuff”.

Some help

However, for the more formal type of golf society, here are some ideas that might help.

This help is offered because I have some very close friends who have been elected as Golf Society Captains  and have who been petrified of giving even a short speech, never mind a proper Golf Society Captain’s Speech.

In discussion, later, they have made the point that they did not know how to construct a speech and could not find any help either in books or on the internet.

So hopefully the help provided here will bridge that gap and help similarly challenged future Golf Society Captains.

Before we move on – if you have not done so already, it could be helpful for you to read the introductory page on The Captain’s Speech.

For the speech construction that follows I am going to assume that this is the Golf Society Captain’s speech at the main society outing of the year.

This might, for example, be the society Captain’s Day, or the only society outing of the year, or if you have several society outings a year, the most important.

If your society has lots of outings a year, and you are expected to speak at each one, then you might tailor your speeches to fit.

So here goes: –


Yor Golf Jokes

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Or just say Hello

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The Address

It is usual and polite to begin the Golf Society Captain’s Speech by addressing the audience, for example: –

Fellow members of the Sun Inn Golf Society”.

Alternatively, you might also Include any other dignitaries who might also be present. For example the President of the society or any people present who are, such as Captains of their respective golf clubs.

So an alternative address might be as follows: –

Mr President, Mr Captain of xyz golf club, fellow members of the Sun Inn golf society”.

Then welcome them to whatever event it is.

Welcome to Scarborough South Cliff golf club for the summer meeting of the Sun Inn golf society“.

A little history

You might then just throw in a little history of the society, such as:

” The society has been in existence since 1981, playing three outings a year, and I have played in many of these golf days. 

I have always enjoyed them, the camaraderie is brilliant. The golf is good, competitive but very friendly, and everyone has a good time during and afterwards, which is as it should be.

Our spring meeting was at Bradford in April when the weather was not very kind. But today it has been just tremendous, with blue skies, little wind and warm temperatures“.

Just say whatever seems right and that builds rapport with those present.

Course and anecdote

You might then say a few words about the course and a little about the events during the course of play.

“I have played Scarborough many times before and always enjoyed it.

It has two distinct parts, a parkland part and a cliff top part, with great views over the sea, and every hole presents a different challenge.

The greens today were like lightening and I should not repeat what Dave Beck said when he four putted the 5th!

However he also had three birdies to compensate.

Unlike Dave Patel, who I understand lost eight balls”.

You might wish to scribble a few notes down before you speak to remind you of the key points.

Food and club hospitality

It is always polite to compliment the food and bar staff.

Those well trained in this try to find out the names of the key people in the club.

” The food has been really good today. A special thank you is deserved to Phil and Tracey in the kitchen. Along with Patsy and Karen who served us, and also to Pete and John who kept us refreshed from the bar“.

Thanks to the society organisers

You should also thank those in the society who have made the day a success.

“These days do not just happen. There is a lot of work behind the scenes by a small group of people who make these days such a success.

So, thanks to Dave, our Secretary, for liaising with Scarborough Golf Club and organising the day, along with all the other society days out.  

Thanks also to Tom, our competitions secretary, for organising the competitions and sorting out the playing order.

Finally thanks to Richard, our Treasurer, for sorting out all the money”.

Make sure you don’t miss anybody out, otherwise you might offend them.

So just make a few notes to remind you when you speak.

Golf Society Captain’s Speech

The Captain and the society members are really enjoying this joke.

The joke or anecdote

Finally, before you hand over to the Competitions Secretary to announce the results, which you will present, it is usual to tell a joke or anecdote.

Some Golf Society Captain’s don’t like telling Jokes or anecdotes. They claim that they are not good at telling jokes.

Reasons for this are that they either can’t remember them, so have trouble telling them, or they can’t find enough material.

If you have this difficulty you can overcome it preparing in advance and writing it down so that you can read it

Suitable jokes are very difficult to find. There are literally hundreds of web sites and books containing jokes. This can take you many hours to find something suitable.

I have therefore made it easier for you and put a large number of jokes on this web site, so that you don’t have the same problems in finding them.

When you get to the joke, story or anecdote, rather than just say here is a joke, it is for better to embroider into your speech a lead-in into the beginning of the joke.

Here are examples: –

We golfers can be very proud, often jumping to wrong diagnose about our swings and other things. Here is a story about what can happen if we get it wrong.

This then feeds in to the joke about a golfer erroneously having his testicles removed because of severe headaches. This can be found in the jokes section of eGolfShare.

And: –

“Here is a story that has nothing to do with golf, but which is the ultimate shaggy dog story”.

This then lead into the joke about the three Labrador dogs, again which you can find in the jokes section of eGolfShare.

Hand over to the Competitions Secretary

And that’s all there is to it. You have successfully completed your Golf Society Captain’s Speech, and can sit back and relax.

Finally you hand over to the Competitions Secretary, or whoever it is in your society who collates and checks the cards. He will then announce the results, for you to present the prizes. 

It is common practice for the Golf Society Captain to present a Captain’s prize on his society Captain’s Day.

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