Create your own Golf Society Web Site

Create your own Golf Society Web Site

Have you ever thought that it would be great to have your own Golf Society web site?

But have been put off by it seeming to be too difficult, too technical or too expensive. solves this problem for you.

I will soon be providing facilities for your golf society to publish its own Golf Society web site. Quickly, easilly and inexpensively.

I am working on this project right now and it will become available in the coming months.

If you complete the contact form at the bottom of this page, I will let you know just as soon as it is ready.

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Here’s what I am working on

eGolfShare will provide simple templated pages that will give you full control over the content of your golf society web site

Your personalised Golf Society Web Site will enable you to: –

Publish: –

  • Fixtures, venues and dates
  • Start sheets
  • Results, news and photographs
  • List of members and handicaps
  • Description of the society, constitution and membership criteria 

Provide a secure, private area for your Society Administrator to: –

  • Maintain a member directory
  • Email your members 

Provide a secure, private area for individual members to: –

  • maintain their personal profile
  • contact details 
  • playing records

Enable social media contact and discussion between your members

Enable public viewing of non-confidential information, which, in turn, will

Advertise your society and thereby encourage new members

Please note that no email addresses will be made public and all personal details will remain secure and hidden. The individual will have full control over what they allow to be published of their personal profile. 

So you will not have to worry about any loss of privacy.

Golf Society taking in the airs of the Old Course, St Andrews

An ideal photo to put on a Golf Society Web Site


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Designed and Created by a Golfer, for Golfers

At a fraction of the cost

Your Golf Society Web Site will all be provided a fraction of the cost of a standard packaged web site, which can cost hundreds of pounds per year; or if built on the cheap, be very limited and difficult to use.

This will be acheived by us all sharing the web hosting and software costs across many golf societies.

Access to the golf society web site will be comnpletely free to the individual members of the Society, and there will be small annual charge to each golf society.

This annual charge will be on a sliding scale depending on the number of members in the society, as follows: –

Number of Members

Annual cost

0-49 £10
50-99 £15
100-249 £25
250-499 £50
over 500 £75


If you are interested then please let me know and tell me what you would like to see.

Your views, ideas and thoughts would be welcome on the structure, content and functionality of these society pages.

Please contact me via the form below.

Please tell me what information you would like to publish for your society web site. Do you have any quirky handicapping rules? Do you run leagues, if so how do you organise this?

Let me know and I will see if I can build the site to meet your needs and wishes.

Please provide your contact details

By providing your contact details I can then let you know when the system is ready and available. At that time I will also have real live sites up and running, along with a user guide, written in laymans terms, on how to create your own site.

I will be trialing the system with three local golf societies that I belong to. They are all very different and I will cater for each of their different nuances.

Come back in the future and take a look round!


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